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Hot Sauce Universe Album Release Party

Nightshop, 517 N Main st , bloomington il

We are so excited to share our debut full-length album, According To Lore with everyone!

According To Lore was recorded LIVE at Rock Solid Studio in Dunlap Illinois on September 27th 2019. HSU won the session in a randomized drawing just months before. "We had 50 of our closest friends and biggest fans in the studio with us as we tracked 10 original HSU tunes live!" The album explores a variety of topics including mental health, self awareness, setting boundaries, space travel, other dimensions, alien abduction, and the Yeti. This recording shows off HSU on all fronts featuring playful, strong, emotionally loaded vocals, ripping guitar solos, and funky grooves. "Music is a transfer of energy, and we wanted to capture that feeling on this album. No overdubs were done. Everything you hear was done LIVE, in the moment, loops and all. Nothing was prerecorded."

We are so grateful for the opportunity to create this album, and to share it with everyone! We had so many amazing people help and support us during this process. There are not enough words to express how grateful we are. THANK YOU!

All that being said.

PLEASE COME CELEBRATE WITH US! We will have brand new Hot Sauce Universe merch available and of course, physical copies of According To Lore!

Many more details to come! Please keep an eye on this event for updates!

Much Love, and Much Excite HSU


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